The Procedure button on the Add Criteria window allows the user to add criteria based on procedures performed on a patient. The procedure criteria page has three main areas, all of which are similar to the corresponding parts of the diagnosis criteria page, with some limitations.


All procedure-related data comes from Utah Inpatient Claims, so — unlike diagnoses — there is no mechanism for restricting the data source to be used. Instead, the first area on the procedure criteria page simply allows the user to restrict the years in which the procedure was performed by entering the range of years in the pair of fields provided.


The second area on the page allows the user to impose additional restrictions on the procedure criteria. You may specify a range of ages at which the patient had the procedure performed and whether your search should return patients whose procedure includes or does not include any of the procedure codes specified or if a patient’s procedures will be required to have included (or not included) all of the procedure codes in the list to be returned as a result of the query. To impose a restriction, enter the appropriate range of values in the age fields or select the appropriate radio buttons.


Finally, the entire right side of the page is used to select the actual procedures, represented by the various appropriate ICD9 codes, to be included in the search criteria. In order to find the appropriate code, you should do a simple keyword or code search by entering a keyword and/or ICD9 procedure code to search by in the appropriate field. After clicking on the Search button, a list of codes that contain the keyword or code entered appear in the list beneath these fields. You may then select any codes of interest by clicking the selection box next to the code description. As with diagnoses, these codes are sometimes grouped together, with each group represented by a folder icon. You may select the entire group by clicking on the selection box next to the folder icon. If you do not wish to select all sub-codes for a particular group but you do want to select the group entry itself, you can CTRL-click (click while holding down the CTRL key).


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