If your institution is not the University of Utah or the Huntsman Cancer Institute and you have forgotten your password and need to have it reset, or if you simply want to change your password, you may do so beginning at the login page of UPDBL. Since users associated with the University of Utah use their network logins to use UPDBL, the application also gives instructions to those users where to go to perform these tasks relative to their university or institute logins.

To change or reset your UPDBL password:

  1. On the UPDBL login page ( https://hci-updblapp.hci.utah.edu/updbl/), click on the Passwords link in the upper right corner of the page. The Password Wizard will start.


  1. Indicate whether you are affiliated with the University of Utah or with another institution by selecting the appropriate radio button on the page.


  1. Click Next.


If you select the University of Utah as your institution, you will be taken to a page which contains instructions and links for changing your University of Utah and/or Huntsman Cancer Institute network login passwords.

  1. The next page that appears asks you whether you want to change your password (meaning you remember your old password) or reset it (because you have forgotten it). Select the appropriate radio button to indicate the applicable activity.


  1. Your selection in step four above will determine what information is required from you.

    • If you are changing your password, enter your User ID, your old password and the new password you would like to use twice (to confirm that this new password is being entered correctly).


- If you are resetting your password because you have forgotten it, just enter your User ID.


  1. Click the Finish button. Your password will be changed/reset. If you are resetting your password, the newly reset password will be sent via email to the email address you provided when you registered as a UPDBL user.


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