The Examine Relationships window is used to view the kinds of familial relationships that exists between patients included in a query cohort. These results may also be downloaded in an Excel spreadsheet format. The Examine Relationships window opens after clicking on the Examine Relationships button on the Totals window.


The window is divided into three areas. The first of these areas (About Relationships) contains a button (Determine Relationships) which initiates the process in which UPDBL examines the current cohort for different kinds of relationships. There is also a Cancel button to stop this process, since it might take a few minutes for the calculations to take place depending on the size of the cohort being examined.

The results of this examination will be displayed in the third area (Relationships Within Selected Cohort) which takes up the lower half of the window. Once the calculations have been completed, the Total number of relationships of each type (1st, 2nd or 3rd degree) is displayed in a list in this part of the window. A watermark will also appear reminding you that you should not publish the results of the analysis without first receiving RGE approval. For an explanation of what constitutes each type of relationship.

This leaves the second area of the window (Your Currently Selected Cohort), which we skipped. This area appears to the right of the first area and contains a description of the query criteria used to select the current cohort. There is also a button (Download Results) in this part of the window, which allows the user to download the results of the relationship examination as they appear in the bottom part of the window. These results will be downloaded in an Excel file format.

There is only one other button on the window. This button (Back to Totals) returns you to the Totals window where the total number of records in the cohort grouped by various demographic, diagnosis and/or procedure values can be calculated and downloaded as well.

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