Support for this project was provided by the NCRR Data sharing statewide data for genetic research R01RR021746, NCI Cancer Center Support Grant P30CA042014, and Huntsman Cancer Institute/Huntsman Cancer Foundation.

The UPDB Limited Query Tool Software was created by Huntsman Cancer Institute Research Informatics Shared Resource (RISR) and designed in conjunction with the Pedigree Population Resource (PPR).


  • Geri Mineau, PhD, Director (PPR)
  • Samir Courdy, MBA, Director (RISR)
  • Ken R Smith, PhD, Associate Director (PPR)
  • Cindy Spigle, Sr. SW Eng/Data Arch. (RISR)
  • Cody Haroldsen, Sr. Java Dev/Software Eng. (RISR)
  • Nia Sherar, Computer Professional (RISR)
  • Andy Hammer, Programmer/Developer (PPR)
  • Carole Schaefer, Computer Professional (PPR)
  • Alison Fraser, DB Analyst/Administrator (PPR)
  • Richard Pimentel, Java Dev/ SW Eng. (PPR)

The Utah Population Database Limited is provided and maintained by the Pedigree Population Resource (PPR).

Cancer data are made available by the Utah Cancer Registry, which is funded by contract N01-PC-35141 from the National Cancer Institute's SEER program with additional support from the Utah State Department of Health and the University of Utah.

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