The Diagnosis button on the Add Criteria window allows the user to add criteria based on diagnoses that a patient has received. The diagnosis criteria page has three main areas.


The first area allows the user to specify sources of diagnosis information to be included in the search. You may choose from two types of sources of information, the Utah Cancer Registry or Utah Inpatient Claims and Death certificates by selecting the appropriate radio button next to the source type you want to search. Once a source type is selected, specific data sources of that type are displayed on the window. By default, all sources of that type are included in a data search. You may exclude a specific data source by clicking on the box next to that part of the data source so that it is no longer checked. You may also restrict the years of interest from any of these data sources by changing the values in the fields next to that data source. The default values in these fields represent all of the years available for that data source.


The second area on the page allows the user to impose additional restrictions on the diagnosis criteria. You may specify a range of ages at which the patient received the diagnosis, whether the diagnosis was a primary or secondary diagnosis and whether the criteria should return patients who received or did not receive any of the list of diagnoses specified or if a patient will be required to have received (or not received) all of the diagnoses in the list to be returned as a result of the query. To impose a restriction, enter the appropriate range of values in the age fields or select the appropriate radio buttons.


Finally, the entire right side of the page is used to select the actual diagnoses as criteria for your search. The appearance and function of this area depends on whether you are applying your diagnosis criteria to the Utah Cancer Registry or to the Utah Inpatient Claims and Death Certificates database.

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