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Access to biological samples and accurate information about them is essential to the research performed at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. It is common for progress on research projects to hinge on the availability of tissue samples from individuals with particular phenotypes or genotypes.

The Bio Specimen Tracking (itBioPath) Database allows for tracking of all types of samples, their sample division and transformation based on protocol and project needs.

HCI's Configure On Demand (COD) tool, Metabuilder (BST), allows for quick, seamless building and editing of customized BST windows for data entry and iQ reporting of biological samples.

Features include:

  • Ease of Creation – Privileged users are able to build and edit Configure on Demand (COD) windows. Research Informatics Shared Resource (RISR) holds regular training and has staff on board for your assistance.
  • Configurable Behaviors- Tabs can be customized to meet protocol and project needs. Attribute choices include:
    • drop-down,
    • check box, date,
    • integer,
    • numeric,
    • string,
    • and grid.
  • Dictionaries – For ease of maintenance and flexibility of system, drop-downs can access dictionaries whose entries include common shared information such as:
    • general (alias type, classification lab, principal investigator, vital status, etc),
    • sample (aspirate type, culture media, preparation method, tissue category, etc),
    • storage location (unit, rack and box),
    • pathology (sample procedure and tissue type),
    • unit of measure (concentration, quantity, weight, volume),
    • disbursements (CCSG member and funding agency),
    • and caTissue information.

To update dictionaries, you must have the role of Administrator.

  • Security – Rights and access to Metabuilder (BST) is granted following HCI's strict security policy.
  • A time-out feature causes Metabuilder to shut down after remaining idle for a set period of time.
  • iQ Reporting – Provide a generic, user accessible means for extracting information from the system.

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