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The University of Utah/Huntsman Cancer Institute offers computer support for clients via the phone or entering a trouble ticket online. The Computer Support tool allows our dedicated staff to track customer requests which expedites and improves service.

Features include:

  • Lookup Capabilities – Lookup by status, priority, employee name, assigned to, type and group.
  • Service Request Details – Details such as status, platform, request type, hardware, device, software, history, notes and service actions (captured in a grid showing staff member, action start time and duration and details) are easily updated by the support staff for careful monitoring and tracking of the service request.
  • Client Evaluations – Person requesting the support is given the opportunity to evaluate the performance of support staff.
  • Dictionaries – Thirteen dictionaries exist for flexibility of the system. Support staff with proper administration rights are able to add, edit and delete entries in these dictionaries.
  • SLA Maintenance – Users, Groups, Devices and Staff ca be updated as needed.
  • Inventory Control – Asset search, editing, reconcile and move are viewed and tracked here.
  • Security – Rights and access to Computer Support is granted following HCI's strict security policy.

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