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The Human Resource Management (HRM) system is the Huntsman Cancer Institute's internal Human Resource (HR) system. HRM interfaces with the larger People Soft HR system used by the University of Utah. HRM is designed and tailored to meet the needs of the HCI HR department.

Features include:

  • Search and Filtering Capabilities – Search by individual name, all employees, position, HCI department, functional area, job class, employee status, affiliation, supervisor, reporting department, title, and many more. Searches include partial word match and text value.
  • Editing Abilities – Click on tabs to perform HR tasks to add, update, delete and filter General, Detail, User Defined Attributes, Faculty information (if applicable), Assignment, Positions and other features such as Leave, Notice of Separation employee information.
  • Cutoff Log – Run the Cutoff Log, complete with filters and selectable reporting fields, to audit changes made to HCI employee status and demographics by comparing them to changes reported in the University of Utah's People Soft HR system.
  • Reports – Various Employee, Position and Other reports are available in HRM. Most are based on a date entered by the requester.
  • Dictionaries – Over 40 dictionaries exist for flexibility of the system. HR personnel with proper administration rights are able to add, edit and delete entries in these dictionaries.
  • Security – Rights and access to HRM is granted following HCI's strict security policy.

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