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The University of Utah/Huntsman Cancer Institute Fiscal Year Budget Administration (FYBA) system allows management to track and view various budgetary scenarios given employee salary considerations. Reports can be run showing employee salary distribution and increase for budgetary control and oversight.

Features include:

  • Position Filter – List positions using various filters such as supervisor, department, position type, affiliations, etc. Various 'Presets' control which fields to display, along with the option to Select All and Clear All.
  • Sync Positions – Synchronize the live positions from the HR system with the positions being created fro the fiscal year budget process. A report is generated showing initial values and the new values for any changed fiscal year positions and statistics on the synchronization.
  • Budget Position – Enter details for position including general, salary and current/new fiscal year information Commit Budget- Before hitting the final 'commit' button, a Pre-Synchronization Report showing positions without salary approval is produced. Positions with distribution paid from ended accounts (distribution will not be created in HR) are reported at the end of the report.
  • Setup – Ability to setup and update dictionaries for Fiscal Year Accounts and Budgets.
  • Reports – Four reports are available for salary and distributions, and salary increase and explanation. Filters for reporting are available.
  • Security – Rights and access to FYBA is granted following HCI's strict security policy.

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