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LabVantage is a Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that is available to labs at HCI that are collecting, processing, and storing samples. It enables labs to track inventory, collection events, set defaults for processing, add test results, sample storage, shipment, and custody. It can be configured to help improve lab processes while minimizing data entry and maximizing data accuracy. The version of LabVantage we have at HCI has been configured to work in-connection with our CORE, OnCore and Electronic Data Warehouse (EDW) systems utilized at the University of Utah. This enables specimen data to be linked up with the proper patients and events in those systems.

Key Features include:

  • Inventory Tracking – Includes the ability to track kits or loose supplies, and pre-print labels.
  • Collection Plans – Includes the ability to pre-define collection events for studies, the samples being collected at those events, along with instructions needed for sample processing. OnCore studies can have calendar events imported so that samples can then be added to those events.
  • Services – Includes the ability to pre-define services based on the operations being performed by the lab. These are not necessary for sample processing, but can speed up system usage.
  • Participant Registration – Users can search for subjects to add to studies based on MRN or any other subject ID so that samples are linked to the same subject being utilized in other systems.
  • Calendar – Users can organize their workforce to ensure kits are prepared and resources are available for the sample collection. They can also track event status along the way.
  • Sample Accessioning & Processing – Because of all the prep-work, minimal data entry is necessary for sample accessioning and processing. Only those things that differ need to be included. Tests can also be created and added to samples quickly.
  • Sample Relationships – Parent/Child relationships are maintained through sample pooling, aliquoting, and transformation.
  • Mobile Access – LabVantage can be used on a mobile device the same way it is accessed on the computer. This is especially useful for sample storage and retrieval.
  • Shipping – Samples can be shipped and their custody changed from one lab to another.
  • Barcode Printing – LabVantage can be setup to work with numerous printers through BarTender. RISR and CATG will need to work with the lab if they plan to purchase a printer for labels. It must be network ready, and RISR will need to create the label the lab plans to use on their samples.
  • Reports – RISR can configure various reports to be run by labs in order to support their processes.
  • Imports – LabVantage can be configured to handle sample imports. Because of the time involved, this functionality is reserved to processes that are run regularly, and aren’t just a one-time-import.
  • Nightly Synchronization – Subject, Participant, and Study information is synchronized with LabVantage nightly from CORE. Sample data is also pushed from LabVantage to CORE nightly.
  • CAP – We have documentation ready, and the system is setup to handle CAP-accredited labs.

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