RISR has designed and developed applications and systems that support operations and workflow for several shared resources:

  • High-Throughput Genomics and Bioinformatics Analysis
  • Biorepository and Molecular Pathology
  • Genetic Counseling
  • Utah Population Database

In addition, RISR developed software applications that support the Cancer Genetics Network, High Risk Cancer Research Clinics, and Research Subject Registry. RISR also supports clinical trials, clinical and basic science translational research programs, CCSG administration, Cancer Center Administration, and online patient education. RISR provides its suite of tools to the Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS), University of Utah Health Sciences Biorepository, and Utah Genome Project (UGP).

RISR developed a comprehensive suite of software applications that includes the following:

  • Cancer Clinical Research (CCR)—supports clinical research needs of all HCI multi-disciplinary groups
  • itBioPath—Biospecimen Management and Annotation System
  • GNomEx—a microarray and next-generation sequencing laboratory information management system, and genomics software application
  • CSAM—a drug/chemical screening annotation and management suite

The CCR, itBioPath, and GNomEx are integrated systems providing genotype and phenotype associations for research and discovery.

The director and members of RISR have extensive experience in computer science, and informatics. In the past 20 years, they have made many contributions to various fields of laboratory and clinical systems in both academic and commercial environments.

RISR work follows industry standard development methodologies and takes advantage of the best tools and resources. Projects are prioritized based on the strategic planning of the Cancer Center leadership, including the HCI Director's Cabinet and Internal Advisory Board.

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