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Family History Questionnaire (FHQ) allows the High Risk Cancer Research Clinic Facility (HRCC) to easily record and track family history and cancer information collected from completed family history questionnaires. The information and relationships can be electronically transferred to the Research Subject Registry (RSR) database for compilation with other data and questionnaires (stored in the RSR database).

Features include:

  • Questionnaire Database – Easily managed by each cancer group. Privileged users are able to view and manage the data. Can be searched via Questionnaire or Subject filters.
  • Data Review/Transfer Module – The Data Review/Transfer module is used for synchronizing the FHQ data with corresponding subject information in the RSR application.
  • General Dictionaries – For ease of maintenance and flexibility of system, drop-downs lists are controlled by updating dictionaries. To access dictionaries, you must have the role of Administrator. Most dictionaries are maintained by the RSR.
  • Diagnosis Translation Dictionaries – Rather than controlling the options that are available in a drop-down field, the diagnosis translation dictionaries automatically fill in the values of certain fields based on the value the user types into a related text field. Rather than being a simple list of values, then each dictionary entry consists of a text value and the corresponding codes and descriptions which are assigned to that text value.
  • Basic User, Editor and Administrator Security Roles – There are 3 levels of security permissions in the FHP application. Basic User can view data only. Editor privileges can add or make changes to the records but cannot make changes to the dictionaries nor do they have access to the Dictionaries tab. Administrators have full rights.

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