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The University of Utah/Huntsman Cancer Institute's Purchasing Administration system allows for oversight of purchase card use and tracking. The system includes banking transactions such as loading records, automatch and journal entry. Dictionaries give the system flexibility to meet client needs.

Features include:

  • Purchasing – Look-up by group, vendor, status, order created, and type. Ability to export to Excel as well as place order, track, re-allocate, receive, return, view order by line item and approve.
  • Bank Transactions – Details such as POS, posting date, merchant information, bank transaction number and date, reference numbers, journal entry written, etc. are displayed. Bank records can be uploaded, automatched and journal entries made for all matches of verified records only.
  • Cascade Windows – Ability to cascade windows for an organized desk top.
  • Dictionaries – Ten dictionaries exist for flexibility of the system. Support staff with proper administration rights are able to add edit and delete entries in these dictionaries.
  • Security – Rights and access to Purchasing Administration is granted following HCI's strict security policy.

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