Typically you will use the RSR Quick Search screen when you know which subject you want and/or you have the subject's ID. You can enter this information into the Quick Search window, Click the Search button and go directly to the subject's detail window. Another typical use of the Quick Search screen will be when you want to display all the subjects who are affiliated with a particular study, status, or Kindred. You can quickly bring up a list of the Colon subjects or you can quickly bring up a list of all the subjects who are still prospects. (If your search criteria are more complicated than this, you may want to use the Filter Control Panel on the Subject List tab — see Detailed Searching.)

Your role in the database is associated with a default study. If you have access to more than one study, the default study will be the one displayed in the Study: drop-down field on this screen (although you can select any of the others by clicking on the field). Contact the RSR Database Manager if you would like to change which study is your default.

The more information you provide on the Quick Search screen, the more RSR can narrow the search results. For example, if you type Smith in the Last Name: field, RSR could return up to 500 records. You will have to look through a list of 500 Smiths to find the one you want. But if you type Smith in the Last Name: field and Charles in the First Name: field, RSR could narrow that list down to 10 records. It will be much easier to spot the subject you need in a short list.

Keeping in mind you should fill out at least one of these fields but you do not need to fill in all of them, the basic steps to using this screen are:

  1. Type the subject's ID number in theSubject ID: field.
  2. Type the subject's last name or their last name at the time of their birth in theLast Name: field.
  3. Type the subject's first name or preferred first name in theFirst Name: field.
  4. Choose the study you want to work with in theStudy: drop-down list.

You must specify a study when performing a quick search. To search all of the subjects in the RSR database, among all the studies for which you have permissions, use the Subject Search tool.

  1. Choose the subject's status you want to work with in theStatus: drop-down list.

The studies and subject status options are defined through the Dictionary Editor. Only the studies and their related statuses you have been granted access to will appear in these drop-down-lists.

  1. Choose the Kindred you want to work with in theKindred: drop-down list.
  2. Click the Search button to begin looking for the subjects that match your criteria.

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